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Physical Security Engineering Courses

We specialize in bringing together a variety of disciplines involved in designing high occupancy spaces that provide safety, security and sanctuary. Our award winning instructional methods are used around-the-world.  We set forth a method of design that will allow architects and design team members to create high-occupancy spaces that are accommodating and safe from a variety of man-made and natural hazards.  When followed these guidelines will  help create a built environment that is not only functional but also meets basic human needs for living together in urban environments – safety, security and sanctuary. 

The great migration from agricultural societies to a fully integrated urban world creates special challenges due to the interconnectivity of support systems.  Consequently, we can no longer build like we used to.  Mitigation against future threats must be addressed now and included into today’s planning.  We do not have the luxury of adding it later.  If we wait, it will be burdensome and it will feel like “Big Brother” is watching.  This book outlines strategies that stakeholders can use to assist security professionals in providing adequate physical protection during the design process while delivering safe refuge.

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