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Soft Security Engineering

Soft Security Engineering is an emergent field of design that combines aesthetically pleasing architecture with security mitigation strategies that are unnoticeable to the untrained eye and make occupants comfortable within the space.

The following literature provides a "roadmap" for creating high occupancy environments that foster safety, security and sanctuary.

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Finding Your Bogeyman

The Security Engineering Calculus

This book supplements previous writings that concentrate of the organization of mitigation strategies that form the Design Basis Threat (DBT) during the design process.  It provides a straightforward approach to identifying threat and worse case scenarios that require solutions to prevent them from occurring in the first place, and if by chance they fail, reduce the risks of injury and death.

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The Solutions Matrix

A Practical Guide to Soft Security Engineering

Provides usable solutions for the age-old question in high-occupancy spaces, "Why does it feel like Big Brother is watching me?".  This new blueprint for security combines architecture, engineering, facility management and planner with solutions that are effective and prove a safe environment.

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Pip and the Land of Blue Trees

Pip and the Land of Blue Trees is a story about a fictitious character, Pip, who decides to walk to a safe and magical place called the Land of Blue Trees. and meets other animal characters along the way.


It can also be used by any parent/educator during reading or story time.  Additionally, our in-classroom Beta Testing indicates students get the most from the book when they act out the characters actions – clapping, dancing, singing and touching each other on the head.

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Most Innovative New Solution in Homeland Security 2018

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