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Haines Security Solutions



physical securit engineering training

At Haines Security Solutions we specialize in providing consulting services in a variety of security disciplines.  At our core are physical security engineering and risk analysis.


We conduct 1-, 2- and 3-day workshops around-the-world.  Our courses focus on the integration of security technologies as they relate to antiterrorism and crime prevention principles in the built environment.  By bringing various disciplines involved in the building design process into a common training environment, we foster respect for and understanding of different viewpoints and establish a common language among stakeholders.  This, in turn, keeps short term costs and project modifications to a minimum and reduces long term costs in material and manpower.  Attendees bring projects they are working on to class which serve as case studies, allowing for peer review "lessons learned" and instructor expertise input.  This collaborative effort allows students to return to work with solutions that have already been analyzed and validated.


Our Asset Based Risk Analysis (ABRA) methodology establishes a baseline of security vulnerabilities and then optimizes security solutions, so that a clear picture of where a facility is today, "a snapshot in time" and where the facility can be in the future after mitigation strategies are implemented.  What sets the ABRA apart from other assessment methodologies is its ability to allow for the calculation of risk reduction before a client spends limited resources on security measures that will prove ineffective.

While ABRA focuses on the facilities, our Critical Asset and Infrastructure Risk Analysis (CAIRA) methodology assesses risks to supporting energy systems (electricity, natural gas, non-drinking water and steam).  CAIRA analyzes six subsets of criteria from the energy source to the asset envelope.  Identifies natural and man-made hazard likelihood, determines worst case scenarios and resiliency limitations, and provides policy and procedure, physical securty and redundancy protection options.

consulting services
security engineering, consulting

We provide consulting services to those involved in the building design process in a variety of security engineering disciplines.  Out staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in antiterrorism, crime prevention, drills and exercise planning, emergency management, law enforcement, training, physical security and writing plans and policies.

We pride ourselves for our diversity in the languages we speak; i.e., DOD, DHS and VA.  Our ability to reconcile conflicting regulations and guidelines is a unique trait.  We're able to do this because we come from many backgrounds, both military and civilian.

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