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AT/FP standards, consulting

By encouraging the interdisciplinary dialogue between verticals, we train architects, engineers, facility managers, planners, security and other professionals involved in the building design process on how to integrate security technologies into new construction and major renovation projects. 

Architect and engineering firms seek our advice when solving security engineering issues during the design process, both for new construction and during major renovation projects.  We provide cost effective mitigation strategies addressing the whole instead of providing protection options piecemeal.  Decision-makers prefer our prioritized approach, because it  allows them to budget short term and forecast long term, and implement solutions as funds become available.

Our proprietary  risk analysis methodologies go beyond Federal, State and locally mandated regulations in assessing physical security vulnerabilities of buildings and compounds, and their supporting energy systems.  Our formulas provide unique  cost benefit analyses based on risk reduction and not necessarily project costs.  Therefore decision-makers can implement solutions which affect the highest number of people first.

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