The ABRA process quantitatively measures threats, asset criticality, vulnerabilities, and risk associated from both the owner and the threats perspective. It identifies the current vulnerability and risk level of a given asset on the day of the assessment - a “snapshot in time”, if you will – and then identifies optimized (improved) levels with the theoretical implementation of specified countermeasures and improvements to the security features of the asset. The process allows our Analysts to measure the cost-effectiveness of a given countermeasure in reducing vulnerability and risk. It optimizes features, explores upgrades, and recalculates vulnerabilities and risks with improvements made to the asset. In essence, the ABRA includes the performance of six sub-analyses including: Threat, Criticality, Vulnerability, Optimization, Risk, and Cost Benefit.



Best suited for inhabited spaces (internally and externally) that house more than 50 people and assets within compounds or when comparing diverse portions of large or multiple facilities; i.e., airports, corporate offices, event venues, high–end retail, shopping malls and estates.

In 2017, our Asset Based Risk Analysis (ABRA) methodology was recognized for excellence and was awarded the Platinum Government Security (GOVIES) Award for Risk Analysis by Security Today magazine.




The CAIRA is designed to identify and quantify vulnerabilities and risks associated with applicable Critical Infrastructure (CI) systems being subjected to various natural and manmade threats. This information empowers decision makers in making informed decisions, setting priorities, and developing future plans, projects, and programs needed to remediate, mitigate, or accepting the risk. The program goes further in that it identifies cost-effective solutions to mitigate risk and assists in the development of projects to correct noted deficiencies. Calculating vulnerability and risk levels associated with applicable critical infrastructure energy (electrical, natural gas, steam, and water) systems being subjected to various natural and manmade hazards. 

In 2018, our Critical Asset and Infrastructure Risk Analysis (CAIRA) Methodology was recognized as the Best Risk Analysis Methodology in Homeland Security by American Security Today with their Platinum Award.


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