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Architect and engineering firms seek our advice when solving security engineering issues during the design process, both for new construction and during major renovation projects.  We provide cost effective mitigation strategies addressing the whole instead of providing protection options piecemeal.  Decision-makers prefer our prioritized approach, because it  allows them to budget short term and forecast long term, allowing for the implementation of  solutions as funds become available.

Our staff is comprised of career professional specializing in security engineering, mitigation strategy development, emergency management and risk analysis.  While they are veterans or retired from their first careers they are far from "being put out to pasture".  They each have special skills, based on many years "in the trenches", which we tap into depending on the needs of the project we are working on.

Our ability to reconcile often confusing and contradicting regulations and guidelines is based on knowing the assumptions made and philosophies behind them, so that we are able to offer innovative solutions that meet the intent. 


We speak many different languages, including Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Veterans Administration (VA), civilian law enforcement and emergency management, as well as, English (American and British), Dutch and Italian.

We also provide on-line consulting via our website site.  Click on logo at left for membership, tools and products.

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