the format

Workshops are presented in 1-, 2- and 3-day format to encourage the interdisciplinary dialogue between attendees from the architectural, emergency management, engineering, facility management, project management, property developer and security professional.  Courses are conducted in a methodically and sequential order as each course builds on information developed in a previous course.  Although students may take the classes in in order on a singular basis, they receive the greatest advantage when taken collectively.  Not only are regulatory requirements covered, but the facilitators give the latest information about what is happening within the security engineering industry and "lessons learned" by citing project they've worked on.

Students receive a DVD with presentation, all of the materials used in putting the curriculum together, and different assistance tools we've come across in our many years of travel.  The DVD is formatted so that the student can make notes directly on the slides.  This allows them to have all of the materials in one place when they return to the office.  Students also receive a portfolio binder, notepad and pen.  Coffee/tea, water and light refreshments are always available.


the facilitators

Upon registration, the facilitator will contact the student, so that a conversation about what the student is expecting to get from the course of instruction  can be established and understood.  This allows the instructor to gear the classroom discussion and presentation toward fulfilling the objectives of the student.   Additionally, students bring projects they are working on to class and receive input from their peers on solutions to their issues.  Above all there is "no judgement" and our instructors ensure they steer the conversation towards problem solving.  We are completely product agnostic, so attendees are not receiving a sales pitch about products.  Since our cadre of instructors only teach classes of their particular expertise the student gets the added benefit of having a subject matter expert partner  that continues beyond the curriculum and classroom. 

the students

Our students average 15 - 20 years of experience in their chosen discipline.  Besides the knowledge gained from the course of instruction, the intangible benefit of in-classroom instruction is the exchange of ideas outside of the classroom during breaks.  You can't get that from on-line training.  The ability to make face-to-face contact with other stakeholders and professionals from a variety of disciplines continues well into the future.  It is not uncommon for a student to reach out to his or her instructor or call up a classmate and ask advice or input on a project they are now working on.

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